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Mud Festival Planned for New Zealand

The mud in most places isn't worth celebrating.

Then again, most places aren't Rotorua, New Zealand, where geothermal activity creates geysers, hot springs, and, yes, mud rich in restorative minerals useful in beauty and wellness treatments. 

This December, Rotorua will be celebrating that unique feature of the landscape with the first-ever Mudtopia Festival, a three-day event during which participants will have numerous chances to play and get pampered in the mud.

There will be muddy pools to wallow in, muddy obstacle courses to take on, a mud run, and a muddy playground where you can try your hand at everything from wrestling to something called a "horizontal mud bungy" (leave it to New Zealanders to find a way to incorporate bungee jumping somehow). 

Those in search of a more relaxing experience can opt for mud massages, facials, and other treatments, or browse locally made, mud-infused beauty products.

Live music acts and street food vendors will be on hand as well.

Mudtopia is scheduled for December 1-3; that's in the late spring in the Southern Hemisphere. You can purchase tickets here.