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Mystery Cruise Leaves Passengers in the Dark About the Itinerary

For those who think travel no longer feels like an adventure into the unknown, the U.K.'s Bolsover Cruise Club is offering a 16-night luxury cruise on which passengers will have no clue where they're going

Purchase the company's Secret Sailaway for £12,339 (US$15,000) per person, and you'll be told only the departure and return dates of the trip, as well as info on where to board the vessel. 

For any further details about stopover ports and your final destination, you'll either just have to wait and see or figure out the answers to 10 riddles that have the itinerary hidden within them. 

Okay, there is one other way to get the lowdown: You can ask the company after you've booked a cabin. 

But that kind of sucks the fun right out of the whole enterprise, don't you think?