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Nevada Clown Motel for Sale

A leading contender for the title of World's Creepiest Motel has just gone on the market. 

The Clown Motel is a 31-room accommodation in tiny Tonopah, Nevada, located about midway between Las Vegas and Reno. As you might have guessed/dreaded from the name, the place is stuffed with an enormous collection of clown paintings, prints, decor, and toys—some of which are suspended over beds.

That's right: They dangle over your bed. Smiling menacingly. With a sinister little glint in their eyes. While you sleep.

Just kidding—you will not sleep.

Here's a photo that was taken in the lobby:

(Photo by Will Keightley / Flickr)

And now this nightmare factory can be all yours.

After 22 years in charge of the motel, owner Bob Perchetti says that although business remains good, he's ready to retire and spend more time with his grandkids. We assume the whole family will cram themselves into a tiny clown car and ride off into the sunset. 

In any case, Perchetti is now selling the property, clowns and all. The asking price: $900,000.