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New Service Lets You Rent Designer Fashions While Staying at W Hotels | Frommer's Ethan Gulley for W Hotels

New Service Lets You Rent Designer Fashions While Staying at W Hotels

A dedication to fashion can get in the way of packing light for vacation—after all, you've gotta have bags to carry all those outfits.

Fortunately, a new partnership between W Hotels and the couture-lending service Rent the Runway is here to help. 

With Closet Concierge, guests who have booked stays in W Hotels in Aspen, Colorado, Miami's South Beach, Washington, D.C., or Hollywood can choose up to four items to rent from an online closet. For a flat fee of $69, the clothes will be waiting for travelers when they arrive at their hotel rooms. 

As with Rent the Runway, only women's clothes can be borrowed. Available inventory ranges from red-carpet-ready gowns to jeans, jackets, and accessories such as purses and sunglasses. 

You have to reserve items at least a week before your W stay. The rental period lasts up to eight days. When you're done with your duds, simply drop them off at the hotel's front desk. 

The service's $69 fee is more than double what airlines charge to check a bag. But then, buying your own Oscar de la Renta would cost a whole lot more. So you can still tell yourself you're coming out ahead. And you can call the dress an Oscar de la Rental.