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No More Free Drinks at Vegas Casinos?

For those of you who dread new technologies, we've got another point to add to your argument.

Thanks to new gizmos at a few of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, many gamblers may no longer get free drinks

The longstanding practice of keeping casino denizens well lubricated with free booze (which might persuade them to linger and therefore spend more money at the gaming tables) is under threat at properties controlled by both Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts.

At the moment, only players of video poker are affected. At Caesars casinos throughout Nevada, a new system tracks how much guests wager at each machine; once they pass a certain threshold, a green light behind the console flashes, indicating they've earned a drink. Lower bidders have to pay for their own booze.

At the MGM Grand and the Mirage, meanwhile, machines print out drink vouchers for those who've racked up a certain amount of play time. 

So even when it comes to cocktails, sooner or later the house always wins.