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Nominate Your Favorite Teacher to Receive a Free Vacation Next Year | Frommer's Pawel Kazmierczak / Shutterstock

Nominate Your Favorite Teacher to Receive a Free Vacation Next Year

If you doubted that teaching was a difficult profession before 2020, spend a few hours supervising a squirmy 8-year-old during our nationwide experiment with virtual learning. That should be more than enough to set you straight.

With the pandemic still ongoing and teachers returning to online and IRL classrooms, the job is more trying than ever. 

You can say thank you by nominating a teacher in your life to win a free vacation for two. 

Long-running travel company Trafalgar has launched its Teachers Open the World Contest to show "appreciation and support for the impact [educators] are making during the Covid-19 pandemic," whether it's "adjusting to teaching completely online or creating a safe environment in their classrooms."

The winner will receive a free trip for two to any destination in Trafalgar's globe-spanning inventory worth up to $2,500 per person. The pair will also get a combined $1,500 airfare credit valid for redemption before December 31, 2021—meaning the trip can be delayed until travel feels safer (hopefully).

To nominate someone—and you can only nominate one person (not yourself)—go to the contest web page and fill out an online form that asks for your name and contact info as well as the name, city, and school of the teacher you're nominating, along with a brief explanation why. 

According to the contest rules, the winner will be chosen by independent judges based on the "nomination’s ability to showcase a compelling story and how this teacher is [a] standout amongst others."

You have until October 31 to submit a nomination. The winner will be announced by November 16. 

And there's an added incentive for nominating somebody: Teachers who are entered in the contest but not chosen for the big prize will still receive $100 off select trips in 2021.

Visit Trafalgar's contest page for more information or to put a deserving teacher into contention.