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Plane with Wider Seats Debuts (No, Really!)

Here's a sentence we don't get to write every day: a company that makes airplanes is introducing a model with wider, more comfortable seats than the norm. Canada-based Bombardier rolled out the new aircraft at the Farnborough International Airshow in England this week. Called the C-Series CS100, the plane features window and aisle seats that are each 18.5 inches wide, while the middle seat is 19 inches. That's roomier than comparable airliners from Airbus and Boeing, which have 18 inches and 17 inches respectively. The C-Series also has bigger windows, aisles, and carry-on luggage bins.

Experts say the success of Bombardier's creation will depend on what makes airlines more money: persuading passengers to pay for the privilege of having a few precious extra centimeters of space, or squeezing more seats—and more paying customers—into the cabin. Three hundred seventy C-Series planes have been ordered so far, from companies including Swiss International Air Lines and Delta Air Lines.