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Price Hike and Dress Code Announced at Angkor Wat

If you plan to visit Angkor Wat soon, be prepared for higher ticket prices and a stricter dress code.

The price of admission to the Cambodian temple complex will be increasing by almost double in February, when single-day passes will go from $20 to $37. As of last week, visitors are also being asked to cover their shoulders and knees at all times while onsite out of respect for Angkor's sacred status for Buddhists.

The price hike is intended to curb overcrowding at the site, while the dress code comes in response to recent incidents involving travelers taking risque selfies at Angkor and posting them online. Visitors are also warned not to climb on ruins, paint graffiti, smoke, litter, or take selfies with monks—all of which, frankly, you shouldn't have to be reminded of.

Violators can be removed, fined, or in some cases even arrested.