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Rental Car with Upholstery for Kids to Color On  | Frommer's Hertz UK

Rental Car with Upholstery for Kids to Color On During Road Trips

On long car trips, many parents end up becoming the highway equivalent of cruise directors, arranging an endless program of games and activities designed to keep their restless passengers from staging a mutiny.

Hertz UK is helping out those beleaguered drivers with a brand-new offering: a rental car with special upholstery for kids to color on. Dubbed the Colouring-In Car (complete with superfluous "u" in true British fashion), the vehicle has an interior that looks like a gigantic coloring-book page.

Armed with the many-hued felt-tip markers that come with the rental, kids can fill in an array of designs—flowers, dinosaurs, birds, castles, hearts, stars, and so on—covering every inch of the upholstery.

Hertz staffers erase these colorful creations between rentals so that each family gets a blank canvas.

The car seems like a good way to keep youngsters occupied for a while—at least until seat belts hinder them from coloring in the pictures out of reach.