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Road Trip Essential: Map of Fastest Route to USA’s Top Breakfast Spots | Frommer's SavingSpot

Road Trip Essential: Map of Fastest Route to USA’s Top Breakfast Spots

One key to a successful road trip is maximizing your pit stops, and we've found an online resource that could help considerably. 

SavingSpot, a personal finance site sponsored by CashNetUSA, has created what it's calling the "ultimate American breakfast roadmap" connecting the most popular breakfast restaurants in the United States. 

After identifying the highest-rated purveyors of pancakes in each of the contiguous states by consulting the crowdsourced rankings at TripAdvisor, SavingSpot then used digital mapping to plot an epic odyssey covering 144 restaurants. 

"Our route includes invigorating pacific northwest cuisine in Seattle, all-day breakfast enchiladas in San Antonio, and twelve types of eggs at the Eagles Nest in Brewer, ME," reads the SavingSpot website. "You’ll stop for corned pork hash at the Three Little Griddles [in Aurora, Colorado] and home-cooked sticky biscuits at Nashville’s iconic Loveless Café."

Click the interactive map below to learn more about each restaurant.

Though SavingSpot asserts that it has found the fastest way to complete the itinerary, Matador Network points out that finishing the full road trip "would take around two months . . . if you ate breakfast three times a day and drove whenever you weren’t eating."

That sounds like a cardio-gastro-intestinal nightmare. But who says you have to eat the whole thing? The map should still come in handy when you're craving high-cholesterol fuel for regional adventures. 

Before visiting any restaurant nowadays, it's wise to familiarize yourself with the Covid-19 safety protocols of the business—and to make sure it's open. 

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