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Smithsonian Looking for Somebody to Travel the Country and Drink Beer

If your idea of the perfect career involves traveling the country and drinking beer all day, have we got the job posting for you.

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History is hiring a historian/scholar "to conduct archival and field research for a new initiative on American brewing history." Which is a fancy way of saying they need somebody to get out there and drink up all the beers.

The three-year appointment will place special emphasis on the craft industry, which continues to grow by leaps and bounds—or hops and bounds, as the case may be (sorry). According to the Brewers Association, there are now more craft breweries in the country (4,269) than ever before.

The Smithsonian gig will require you to undertake scholarly research, conduct interviews, and travel a lot. The pay is $64,650 plus benefits (beyond the beer). If you're interested you can check out the official job posting.