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Smoke on a Carnival Cruise and You Could Get Kicked Off the Ship | Frommer's Carnival Cruise Line

Smoke on a Carnival Cruise and You Could Get Kicked Off the Ship

Carnival Cruise Line is getting stricter with passengers who light up at sea. 

The company has updated its tobacco and marijuana smoking policy to include the possibility of removal from the ship for guests caught smoking in staterooms, suites, or on cabin balconies. 

Any other passengers staying in the offender's room will have to leave, too, and nobody will get refunds for unused cruise fare. 

That's all in addition to a stiff fine of $500 for cleaning fees and other expenses. 

As TravelPulse points out, Carnival's previous policy called for a fine only. That is still the punishment doled out by similar cruise companies such as Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruise Line, although in both those cases the fee charged to violators is $250—half the Carnival amount.

But it's not as though you can't smoke anywhere on a Carnival ship. You just have to limit your puffs to designated exterior deck areas and certain spots in the casino and nightclubs.

Every other corner of the ship is smoke-free, whether you've got cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaporizers, or electronic cigarettes. 

As for marijuana, its possession and use is banned entirely on Carnival ships.

So much for the high seas.