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Spike in Price of Lifetime National Parks Pass for Seniors

The price of a lifetime national parks pass for U.S. seniors is about to go way up.

Since 1994, Americans aged 62 or older have been able to purchase access for just $10 to more than 2,000 sites managed by the National Park Service—a pass that remains valid for the rest of the purchaser's life.

But on August 28, the fee is jumping to $80

Even with the steep increase, which was approved by Congress at the end of last year, Park Service officials argue that the pass remains a good deal, considering that admission at many sites is $30 for adults. A senior with a lifetime pass who goes to just three of those at any point past the age of 62 has still saved money.

The National Park Service is also introducing a new $20 annual pass for seniors. If you buy four, you can get a lifetime pass for no additional charge.

Also, anybody who holds a $10 lifetime pass before August 28 will be able to continue using it without having to pay extra—so if you're over 62 and don't have one yet, it's time to get a move on.