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This Fall, See Rome, Venice, and Florence by Train for Less Than $25 | Frommer's Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

This Fall, See Rome, Venice, and Florence by Rail for Less Than $25

Traveling by train among Italy's three most popular tourist destinations can be extremely affordable this fall, provided you buy your tickets right now. 

European travel booking site GoEuro has joined forces with Italo Treno, an Italian rail service operator, to offer a fare from Rome to Venice to Florence or vice versa for just €19.80 (US$23) one way. 

That's an incredible bargain for seeing Rome's ancient sites, Florence's Renaissance art, and Venice's canals—not to mention all the other historical, cultural, architectural, and culinary wonders those cities are known for—all on one journey. (Fortunately for you, Frommer's has the perfect guidebook for the trip.)

When booked through Italo's website, the same route typically costs about €45 (US$52)—or more than double what GoEuro is offering.  

There are some caveats. You must book your travel for the period between October 17 and December 8. And in order to keep the rate under $25, you'll need to start in Rome or Florence (pictured), pausing in Venice mid-trip. 

According to Travel + Leisure, the rate will jump to €40 (US$46) if you book a return train to your origin city. 

If you simply want one-way service between Rome and Venice or Florence and Venice, you can do that, too, for the low rate of €9.90 (US$11.50). 

GoEuro's discount is only available until August 31, so act now.