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Tourist Ordered to Pay $44K for Violent Yoga Incident on Plane

Back in March, Korean tourist Hyongtae Pae was arrested after he became violent on an airplane when he wasn't allowed to do yoga—a story noteworthy in part because you don't often hear "violent" and "yoga" in the same sentence. 

Pae, who's in his 70s, and his wife were on a United Airlines flight from Honolulu to Tokyo; the couple had just celebrated their 40th anniversary in Hawaii and were headed home.

But some time during the meal service, Pae went to the back of the plane for a little yoga and meditation. He refused to return to his seat when asked to do so by the flight crew, and began instead threatening to kill people onboard, shoving his wife, yelling that there is no god, and trying to bite and head butt those attempting to restrain him. It got so bad that the pilot had to turn the plane around and return to Honolulu.

In April Pae pleaded guilty to interfering with a flight crew and was allowed to return to South Korea. Last week a federal U.S. judge ruled that he wouldn't have to serve any additional jail time but must pay United Airlines more than $44,000 in restitution. He also might not be allowed to return to the United States.