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Trump Robot Will Speak at Hall of Presidents, Says Disney

Disney has refuted the notion that the Hall of Presidents attraction at Walt Disney World in Orlando will take a different approach to incorporating the current occupant of the Oval Office.  

In two stories published in May and June, Vice Media's Motherboard reported that in order to avoid giving an animatronic Trump speaking lines in the attraction, Disney would likely revert to the pre-1993 version of the Hall of Presidents, in which the only speakers were the robots representing Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Citing factual errors and poor sourcing, Motherboard has now retracted both of those stories.

What's more, Disney Parks editorial content director Thomas Smith wrote in a blog post that Pres. Trump will indeed have a speaking part in the updated attraction, "like every president since 1993."

Trump's recording session has already been scheduled, according to Smith, and will be incorporated into the Hall of Presidents when it's expected to reopen late this year.

The attraction is currently closed while it's being refurbished.