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TSA Introducing More Invasive Pat-Downs at Airports

The Transportation Security Administration is adopting a new, more "comprehensive" (read: invasive) pat-down procedure at the nation's airports. 

How comprehensive?

The agency is warning local police departments that they may receive an increase in allegations of inappropriate touching against TSA agents. 

The new, more rigorous friskings will be given to those passengers chosen for private, secondary screenings. Though the government hasn't provided many details about what the new method involves, one new rule, according to Bloomberg, is that TSA agents will have wider scope to use the front of their hands, instead of the back, to pat down so-called "sensitive areas."   

Whatever the screening involves, if the TSA has to warn the police ahead of time that some passengers who've gone through it are liable to feel as though they've been sexually assaulted, it must be pretty darn thorough (h/t Boing Boing).