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Two New Reasons to Join TSA PreCheck

There are several good reasons for enrolling in the Transportation Security Administration's PreCheck program. 

If accepted, you get to take advantage of an expedited screening process at airports, during which you don't have to remove your shoes, belt, or jacket, and you can keep your laptop in its bag.

Recently, two more incentives have been added: 

First, 11 airlines serving more than 180 U.S. airports have just joined the program—bringing the grand total of participating carriers to 30.

And second, starting this month, the TSA will let fewer non-PreCheck passengers into expedited PreCheck lines. Up to now, airports have occasionally allowed wider access to the shorter lanes on a flight-by-flight basis. 

Enrolling in PreCheck does have its hurdles. You have to fill out an application, complete an interview, and pay an $85 fee (which can be split into five annual payments of $17).

But if you hate long lines (and who likes them?), it's probably worth the trouble.

Here's the complete list of carriers with PreCheck:


Air Canada

Alaska Airlines


American Airlines

Aruba Airlines


Boutique Airlines

Cape Air

Delta Air Lines


Etihad Airways

Frontier Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

JetBlue Airways

Key Lime Air


Miami Air International


Seaborne Airlines

Southern Airways Express

Southwest Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Sun Country Airlines


United Airlines

Virgin America

Virgin Atlantic


Xtra Airways