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U.S. Airports with the Best and Worst On-Time Performance in 2016

The numbers are in and it turns out airports in the New York City area had the worst on-time performance in the nation last year. Believe us: We're just as shocked as you are.

According to a report from the Global Gateway Alliance analyzing data from the top 29 airports, LaGuardia came in last place for arrivals while Newark brought up the rear in departures. Nearly one third of flights showed up late at LaGuardia in 2016; passengers who flew out of Newark, meanwhile, had a one in four chance of being delayed.

The situation was only slightly better at the other nearby airport, JFK, which had the fifth worst record for arrivals and eighth worst for departures. Other slowpokes included San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago-O'Hare.

With both arrival and departure rates of 87%, Salt Lake City had the best on-time record. Airports in Portland, Oregon; Charlotte, North Carolina; Seattle; Minneapolis-St. Paul; Detroit; and Atlanta (home of the world's busiest airport) all managed to avoid delays more than 80% of the time as well.