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Underwater Tours of Titanic Shipwreck Coming in 2018

Underwater tours of the Titanic shipwreck site will begin heading beneath the waves in May 2018. And just like a first-class ticket aboard the doomed ship's first and only sailing in 1912, the price is obscenely high.

Operated by UK tour company Blue Marble Private, the eight-day voyage—which takes passengers from Newfoundland to 2 miles below the Atlantic Ocean and back—costs an incredible $105,129 per person.

For that small fortune you'll get several chances to board a titanium-and-carbon submersible and explore the sunken ship's deck, bow, bridge, and the spot where the grand staircase used to be. You'll also get to see cool bioluminescent marine life down there.

As we learned from Billy Zane in James Cameron's 1997 movie, however, your wealth does not purchase the right to say stuff like this:

Despite the price—which is nearly double what Deep Ocean Expeditions was charging in 2012, the last time tourists were brought to the site—Blue Marble Private says the 2018 trip is already fully booked, and the company is already planning more for 2019.  

If you adjust for inflation, the more than $100k cost of the experience translates roughly to the price of first-class passage on the ship in 1912.

Another luxury company called Bluefish is also currently planning a trip to the wreck site, but no dates or prices have been announced.