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Unvaccinated Americans May No Longer Freely Enter France | Frommer's prochasson frederic/Shutterstock

Unvaccinated Americans May No Longer Freely Enter France

Global options for the unvaccinated continue to shrink.

France has tightened restrictions for visitors from America who have not been fully vaccinated.

Last Thursday, the country moved the United States to a list of nations it considers to be dangerous, and the reclassification forces unvaccinated tourists to quarantine for a week before they are permitted to travel freely.

Unvaccinated visitors over 12 must also produce a negative Covid-19 test taken no more than 72 hours before they departed for France. 

The move effectively cancels the option of short-vacation tourism for visitors who haven't been vaccinated.

Vaccinated Americans, however, will still be welcomed, per the country's official information page.

France, Europe's most-visited country, is now the continent's most important tourism market to exclude unvaccinated travelers from regular visitation.

Italy brought in similar restrictions for unvaccinated Americans in late August, and the Netherlands has reintroduced quarantine mandates for incoming Americans.

Sweden and Bulgaria have banned Americans from nonessential travel entirely. 

In some cases, it will be possible for Americans to enter Sweden if immediately prior to arriving, they have been traveling elsewhere in Europe.

Pictured above: Lyon, France