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VIDEO: Europe's Fastest Roller Coaster Debuts at Ferrari Land in Spain

Ferrari Land, a theme park dedicated to celebrating the iconic Italian sports car, has opened within the larger PortAventura World in northeastern Spain.

Visitors can get behind the wheel of racecar simulators and walk through an interactive exhibit recounting the Ferrari's history. But the main draw is Red Force, Europe's tallest, fastest roller coaster.

Designed to give passengers a feel for what it's like to be in a Formula One car, the ride reaches a speed of 110 miles per hour in just five seconds and zooms to a height of 112 meters (367 ft.). The whole thing's over in half a minute. 

Check out the (somewhat nauseating) video below for a rider's-eye view.

Though Red Force is now the speediest roller coaster in Europe, the world record holder is at the similarly branded Ferrari World in the United Arab Emirates. That park's Formula Rossa reaches a lightning-fast 149 miles per hour.