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Virgin's New Cruise Line to Be Called Virgin Voyages

The upcoming cruise line from the Virgin Group has a new name. 

Ever since the venture was announced last year, it's been called Virgin Cruises. But henceforth it shall be known as Virgin Voyages

Explained Virgin Group founder Richard Branson at a Miami Beach press conference: "I've never fancied going on a cruise ship, but I do fancy going on a voyage."

So there you have it. Update your address books accordingly.

Beyond the name-change announcement, the company was pretty tight-lipped on details about the three ships it plans to launch beginning in 2020.

Each will carry 2,700 passengers and will be equipped with a high-tech clean-energy system, but as for design specifics and amenities, Branson doesn't want to tip off the competition.

"It's incredibly exciting," he said at the press conference. "It's under lock and key."