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WATCH: Drone Footage Takes You Soaring Over the Swiss Alps | Frommer's Pixabay

WATCH: Drone Footage Takes You Soaring Over the Swiss Alps

As any Instagrammer will tell you, it's not easy to capture the majesty of the Swiss Alps with a camera. But a new short film made from drone footage sure comes close. 

Dubbed "Elevations," the roughly 3-minute video zips up and down snow-capped peaks, past waterfalls and jagged cliffs, to eye-popping panoramas you'll wish were your screensaver. 

The film was created by Gabriel Kocher, a Montreal-based physicist and racing drone pilot who captured the footage while hiking through the Swiss Alps last month. He used a drone with a high "power-to-weight ratio" that can get extremely close to objects, as well as a camera with a "first-person view" designed to simulate the sensation of flight. 

All that makes for a uniquely thrilling visual journey.

Though you can't re-create the trip in real life (unless, of course, you happen to be a golden eagle), an almost-as-scenic ride through the Swiss Alps is available on land, via the new Gotthard Panorama Express.

And to see more of Kocher's drone-powered flights of fancy, visit his YouTube channel