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Watch: Hotel Guest Films Skin-Crawling Bedbug Infestation

Social media has clouded our heads with a lot of useless, anxiety-inducing information, but for the traveler, it has its uses.

This week, a budget traveler in New York City decided to warn the world about that city's Astor on the Park hotel, taking out his mobile phone and recording what he says is a bedbug infestation.

Insect infestations are not the norm in hotels, and they can happen even in luxury properties. But if you've ever wondered what one looks like, this jumpy smartphone video will arm you with knowledge—and the nightmares—forevermore.

The creepiest part starts at about 3:21. Until then, strangely, the director of this video seems equally upset that he had to change rooms a few times, too.

The website Gothamist consulted an exterminator who confirmed that the insects seen are indeed bedbugs. The hotel did not return its requests for comment.

Even before this video surfaced, Frommer's did not name the Astor on the Park as one of its recommended hotels. We check all of our hotels ourselves (here's our current list).

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