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WATCH: Kangaroo Bounds Around Australian Pub Like He Works There | Frommer's TikTok / @cardqueenkatie

WATCH: Kangaroo Bounds Around Australian Pub Like He Works There

One bar in Western Australia is among the rare places on earth where visitors can sip brews and look at roos.

According to Australia's Escape travel site, the John Forrest Tavern in John Forrest National Park east of Perth is a popular spot for hikers to wet their whistles while seated at outdoor tables. The park's colorful rosella birds and bold kangaroos often approach the establishment. 

Sometimes, the animals even go inside.

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Now one of the tavern's employees, Katelyn Hutton, has made it possible to catch the marsupial goings-on from afar via a series of clips posted to her TikTok account, @cardqueenkatie.

In one video that has been viewed, as of this writing, more than 9 million times, a kangaroo known as Matt is shown slowly (and, for those of us unaccustomed to roos, somewhat unsettlingly) loping into the pub and heading behind the bar while Hutton mock-remonstrates with him. 


locals in the staff area ##straya ##kangeroo ##barlife

? original sound - Katelyn Hutton

But Hutton evidently decided to give the animal a shot at a job, because a later video shows Matt standing at the cash register—though he remains blithely indifferent to her pleas for a pint.


first day on the job ##barlife ##kangeroo ##straya

? original sound - Katelyn Hutton

Another clip shows Matt leaving his shift. 

"Good first day at work," says Hutton. "I just don't know if it's going to happen again because you keep on bringing in your girlfriends." And then the camera pans to other kangaroos waiting around outside.


shift over ##kangeroo ##straya ##barlife

? original sound - Katelyn Hutton

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