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We’re All Invited to a Nationwide Campout | Frommer's anatoliy_gleb / Shutterstock

We’re All Invited to a Nationwide Campout

Outdoor clothing company Eddie Bauer is promoting its 100th birthday with an event that fits perfectly with the retailer's brand and with our current need for safe, socially distanced pastimes. 

For Sleep Under the Stars Night on Saturday, August 8, the company is encouraging everybody to spend a night outside, whether that means camping in the backcountry, pitching a tent in the backyard, or setting up a sleeping bag on an apartment building's rooftop. 

Those who'd like to participate can RSVP on Facebook and follow Eddie Bauer on Instagram for campout tips and inspiration, as well as chances to win prizes such as outdoor gear and a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado (or the trip's cash value if you're nervous about venturing too far from home). 

To help make the most of your night under the stars, Eddie Bauer has also put together a free toolkit: a Spotify playlist of campfire songs, a collection of recipes for al fresco cooking, and book recommendations for some tent-side reading.  

Bring along your fully charged phone to watch the company-sponsored Outdoor Curious series of YouTube videos, in which adventure experts supply intel on backcountry skiing, rock climbing, and other rugged pursuits. 

You probably know your way around your own yard, but before you head for a state park or other campground, you'll want to consult our guide to camping in 2020 for tips on finding available campsites—and, more important, available bathrooms—in the summer of Covid-19.

(And no, we're not in on this promotion. It just looks like fun.)