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Weather Forecast for Fall: Warm Everywhere

Remember when September was autumn? It sure doesn't feel like that this year in the United States—you'll search in vain for a nip in the air pretty much anywhere you travel in the country.

And according to the National Weather Service's three-month forecast, above-average temperatures will continue through the end of the year. 

Due to a combo of normal weather patterns and long-term climate change, 2016 was already expected to be the warmest year on record; our hot fall makes it a near certainty. 

If you're hitting the road from now until December, you can expect the most abnormal warmth in parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. 

Precipitation levels, meanwhile, are expected to be around the seasonal average everywhere in the U.S. except the Deep South, where they'll probably be below average; and in Alaska and Montana, where they'll likely be above.