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Wonder Woman Roller Coaster Coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

A new Wonder Woman-themed roller coaster will open next spring at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, the amusement park chain has announced.

Dubbed Wonder Woman Golden Lasso after the comic book superheroine turned box office champ, the coaster is expected to offer an exceptionally smooth ride because cars will zip along a single rail instead of two, thus removing the chance of turbulence caused by misalignment of the left and right tracks.

Wonder Woman's one narrow rail will also mean that when you look down over the side of the car—which will have only one seat per row—you won't see what's holding you up. It's all designed to give riders the feeling that they're slicing through the air on Wonder Woman's whip.

Other planned features: a 100-foot perpendicular drop and three inversions, including a "180-degree stall," which involves a pause while riders are suspended upside down, in a state of torturous anticipation.