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You Can Take a Sudsy Soak in Beer at a Spa in Denver | Frommer's The Beer Spa

You Can Take a Sudsy Soak in Beer at a Spa in Denver

A day spa in Denver brings new meaning to the term "slinging suds."

At the Beer Spa, a wellness retreat/taproom that opened in 2021, the signature service is a 90-minute "Beer Bath Hydrotherapy" treatment that involves a soak in a cedar tub filled with a warm, bubbly brew of hops, barley, and medicinal herbs. 

The treatment is supposed to promote relaxation and nourish your skin, owing to the properties of hops and barley, which contain antioxidants and vitamins B2 and B3, according to the spa's website. 

Since the contents of the tub aren't fermented and don't contain yeast, the experience is really more of a Near Beer Bath. But the self-serve offerings available from a wall of taps in the lounge are the genuine article. Spa packages come with beverage credits on an RFID-equipped card you can use to sample a regularly changing lineup of local craft brews, as well as cider and kombucha.

(Credit: The Beer Spa)

You are welcome to bring your drink with you while you steep yourself in the Beer Bath. Other amenities onsite include an infrared sauna and high-tech massage chairs. A selection of beer-infused hair and skin care products are for sale, too.  

(Credit: The Beer Spa)

Spa owners and married couple Jessica French and Damien Zouaoui say they got the idea for the business after visiting a similar beer-themed wellness facility in Zakopane, Poland. 

Men's Journal points out that Iceland also has a beer spa—sorry, Bjórböðin—where visitors can immerse themselves in a beer hot tub. Do we smell an emerging trend? Or is that Homer Simpson's breath? 

For more details on adding a Beer Bath to your next vacation in the Denver area, you can find a services menu, prices, and reservations portal at