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You Can Take a Yoga Class on a Ferris Wheel in Vegas

Where's the ideal spot to practice yoga? On top of some mountain in the Himalayas? How about on board a Ferris wheel in the heart of the famoulsy serene Las Vegas Strip?

Sin City's the High Roller—at 550 feet, the world's tallest observation wheel (it's located at the Linq promenade across from Caesars Palace)—now hosts daily one-hour yoga sessions in the wheel's cabins. With the Strip and surrounding mountains as a backdrop, participants wear headphones for audio guidance from an instructor who talks you through poses and helps you enjoy the view. 

A 60-minute session includes two rotations of the wheel. Classes are $75 per person from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and $85 per person at sunset.