Chef Scotty Schwartz has cooked at The James Beard House and received numerous accolades, but all that is just on paper. What matters is what’s on his plate and it’s all pretty outstanding and out of the ordinary for these parts. Signature items include lobster corn dogs with spicy horseradish ketchup spiked with Ketel One vodka, sweet tea–brined DelKat Family Farm pork chop on macaroni gratin with warm blackberry preserves, and grilled heart of romaine salad with Maytag blue vinaigrette with bacon and toasted walnuts. Best of all, Schwartz, part of the Slow Food Movement (as ironic as that sounds with his quick, au courant menu), procures as much as he can from local purveyors. The restaurant also has its own chef’s garden from which it plucks fresh herbs and veggies. Best of all, it’s not a trendy, snobby spot but a casual eatery in a converted house reminiscent of something out of Key West. This place manages to turn everything into something extraordinary. Even coffee and doughnuts are served here—as glazed doughnut bread pudding with butterscotch drizzle and mocha ice cream. Book early because this place fills up fast.