The day they pave the road to Nat Richardson's Palm Grove is the day a little bit of the giddy fun of getting there goes pfftt. (And the masses arrive.) For many, driving the tortuous and bumpy 1½-mile dirt road to this ramshackle beach bar, located on the island's less-developed East End, is part of the fun. At road's end a colorfully painted wood and corrugated tin shack is overseen by a couple of spindly palm trees; the Junk's Hole beach out front is all powdery white sand and breeze-rippled turquoise seas. Nat's Place serves up some of Anguilla's most succulent grilled lobsters and light-as-air johnnycakes. You can also get grilled crayfish (Caribbean spotted lobster), fish, shrimp, or barbecued chicken or ribs (even lobster or crayfish salad), all served with coleslaw, hand-cut French fries, and those aforementioned johnnycakes. Bring your swimsuit and snorkel gear and explore Junk's Hole Bay until your food comes off the grill—you may have this breezy beach all to yourself. (Reservations are recommended.)