With local atmosphere to burn, a roster of rums that could gas up a moon rocket, succulent seafood-centric island food, and a steady soundtrack of toe-tapping zouk music, Papa Zouk has the five senses covered, and then some. Madras tablecloths and straw lamps help give a festive Creole vibe, but don't expect fancy (it's cash-only); in fact, Papa Zouk, located on a tree-shaded side street in St. John's, skates perilously close to rum-shack dive-dom. No matter: The food—steamed fish and grilled lobster, bouillabaisse, seafood platters, stuffed clams, salads drizzled in passionfruit dressing—will keep you rooted in your seat. The 250-bottle collection of rums, many rare, may have you on the floor.