Located downtown in Oranjestad, this resort has two very different options. Renovated rooms in the adults-only Marina Hotel are super-modern and trendy, designed to look like a custom yacht, with slick furniture and neutral colors brightened by pops of aqua. The more family-focused Renaissance Ocean Suites' 2014 renovations brought topnotch technology and neutral colors to island décor. This luxurious resort has all sorts of goodies to keep guests occupied, from the nature trail with daily iguana feedings to kayaking at Renaissance Island, the resort's private island. A quick water taxi ride from the Ocean Suites, Renaissance Island has beaches both for adults and the entire family, as well as a spa cove and bar and grill. The rest of the resort is just as spectacular, with two casinos (one 24-hr.) and a shopping mall. The only downfall is that the resort is downtown and not on Palm Beach, but the private island more than makes up for it.