If there was ever a time and a place to learn salsa, it would be here. Club-goers (no matter what their age) can join owners and salsa masters Reggie Bermudez and Sabine van Leuken on their large, wooden dance floor for lessons in salsa, merengue, and bachata. Off the dance floor, there are plenty of ways to spend the night—at the bar, nestled at a cozy table, or in a VIP booth with the privacy of white curtains. Even if you're not a salsa pro, you'll have plenty of fun joining the crowd on the dance floor or indulging in a top-shelf cocktail. The non-smoking club (definitely a major plus in Aruba) brings in live bands to perform weekly, while embodying the type of place you may be more familiar with in cities like Miami. Hipsz is really about the music, and while it appears to have an upscale look with classy seating and colored lighting setting the mood, the vibe is actually easy-going, so no snobbery about having to wear heels.