All of the elements are in place for a fine dining setting here: white tablecloths, dim lighting, gilded chairs, and live piano drifting through the room. The wooden deck is an equally elegant spot for diners who want to cozy up under the stars surrounded by tropical foliage and tiki torches. The setting is more romantic than trendy, making it the perfect place for couples, and the service is right on the mark. Dishes blend international and local flavors, incorporating cuts of U.S. and South American steak and fresh-from-the-sea Caribbean fish. Diners interested in delving into an Aruban dish can try the authentic keshi yena: Baked stuffed cheese with chicken, capers, celery, carrot, green olives, onion, and raisin, served with polenta and plantain. The beautifully prepared dishes with their Aruban touches, combined with the relaxing atmosphere, make for a pleasant meal.