The inspiration behind this French restaurant stems from Henri Charrière, the first prisoner to escape from Devil's Island, the infamous prison off the coast of French Guiana. Everything from the décor to the restrooms hints at the 13 years Charrière (nicknamed "Papillon" for his butterfly tattoo) spent incarcerated there. Exposed brick, iron bars, and words like "Silence" painted in red on the wall set the scene. The dim lighting adds an elegant flair to a fine dining experience, and the outdoor terrace is great if you want a more casual setting. French-inspired dishes are touched with Caribbean accents, like duck with an orange passionfruit sauce and chocolate drizzle, or poisson rouge, a tuna steak with Cajun spices and a soy and brown sugar drizzle on top. The restaurant is on the pricier side, and while the food is good—particularly the seafood items—it is really the atmosphere that diners remember. The wine list is also notable, with an exclusive selection of French wines that pair perfectly with the meals.