Nestled along the beach in Savaneta, this restaurant makes good use of the shoreline, strategically placing tables along a strip of sand. The atmosphere is perfect for a beachside meal, whether diners opt for a secluded hut reached via a dock, with lanterns lighting the way, or prefer the equally beautiful but perhaps more posh beach beds, covered with swaths of white fabric and perfect for a beach party. The atmosphere is the reason diners make the trek to this part of town, but the mother and son duo who own the open-air restaurant make sure the food measures up as well. Entrées are of the surf-and-turf variety and throw in international and homestyle twists, like Creole mahi mahi and mom's osso bucco served with floral rice—only made when mom's running the kitchen. Prices have gone up and tend to be on the high side and service is inconsistent, but as long as you're good with sitting back and enjoying the view, that won't seem to make a difference.