A nicely furnished townhouse is now the Athenian home-away-from-home for many Hellenophile students, artists, and professors, who prize it for excellent prices and homey atmosphere. There's always the chance to have lively conversations with fellow travellers. Rooms are petite and furnished with an eclectic mixture of Victoriana including marble-topped tables and ceiling fans mixed with mundane bedside tables and plain desks. There is a pleasing view of the Acropolis from the rooftop bar/lounge, part of which was originally the atelier of the house's 20th century owner, artist Dora Bouki. Many of her works are on view in the hotel. In recent years, modernization of bathrooms and many rooms has disconcerted some long-time visitors here, but it has also delighted a new generation of travellers. Single travellers take note: Unlike many hotels, the Art Gallery does have some singles priced at less than the standard double room price Tip: Ask about the 5 percent discount offered to Frommer's readers.