At an indeterminate point along Hermou Street, the Monastiraki district becomes Psirr. The O&B (once the Ochre and Brown Hotel) is praised for its service and its state-of-the-art shower and trendy elevated marble washbasins. The location also feels like the "real" Athens, not "tourist" Athens. O&B is the most stylish and welcoming of Psirri's energetic cluster of small restaurants, galleries, and cool hotels. The bar and restaurant, which serve until midnight, are both very popular with the chic young Athenians who make Psirri their own on most weekends. The property's small size almost guarantees that you will not have to contend with tour groups. Many rooms have sleek, black beds and good-sized desks, and the suites have balconies and Acropolis views. The lighting in most rooms is unusually good, unlike that in most Greek hotels, which seem to assume that no guest will ever wish to read even one page or write even one postcard.