Buttermilk Kitchen, Atlanta Georgia

Why, yes, that was chef-owner Suzanne Vizethann on The Today Show and the Food Network. Photogenic, and with mad biscuit-making skills, she's been repping the Atlanta food scene since 2012 when her hugely popular restaurant opened. Since its inception, the restaurant has been all about local food, meaning that the bacon comes from nearby purveyors like Benton Country for hams, Logan Turnpike for grits, and nearby ASW Distillery for the bourbon (which is useful during a boozy brunch). The buttermilk, appropriately enough, is made in-house (as is the butter). Top dishes include anything with the sweet-tea brined fried chicken, the Brunswick stew, and the whisper-light buttermilk pancakes.  One warning and a tip: On weekends, there's usually an hour-long wait for tables (they don't take reservations) but if you're willing to sit at the counter in the front room (up to four can do so at a time), you'll usually be seated right away.