Atlanta may not be close to the coast, but for a landlocked city, it's got some decent seafood places. Chops Lobster Bar is one such destination, and although it's more than a tad bit touristy, it's a safe option for less adventurous eaters who want great service and to know what they're getting themselves into in advance. While equal parts steakhouse and lobster bar, it's the bounty from the sea where Chops truly shines. I sure hope you like lobster, as the menu offers lobster cocktail, baked lobster oreganato, lobster bisque, fried lobster tail, steamed lobster, and lobster fingers. Alternatively, you'll find a fish—grouper, sole, swordfish, seabass, or salmon—or steak (there are six different cuts) to whet your appetite. Sides are many, from whipped sweet potatoes to Brussels sprout leaves and mushrooms to creamed spinach (nothing unexpected). The interior is dark with a lot of wood furnishings, and it's very Buckhead scene-y (read: a bit yuppy, lots of socialites, quite hoity-toity). Reservations are highly recommended.