If the thought of trying Korean food in Atlanta turns you off, I challenge you to alter your mindset. Hankook was born from a food truck experiment gone viral. When fans couldn't keep up with the location of his popular Korean taco truck, Chef-Owner Tomas Lee decided to open a brick and mortar restaurant, which Alton Brown featured on the "Bang for the Buck" episode of his show "Best Thing I Ever Ate." Prices have stayed as low as the food truck's, which has kept patrons happy. You can sample three different things, for example, for the bargain price of $10. The cuisine can best be described as a mix of Korean dishes with Mexican spices, like an avocado tempura taco or bibim-bop (sliced rib-eye, fried egg, hot sauce, and veggies over a bed of rice). The pork sliders with kimchi are always a safe bet, as are a side of the sesame fries. Daily specials are posted on Hankook's Facebook page. (Even with a permanent spot doing great business, Lee still sells his tacos via the Yumbii food truck.) Lee also opened the trendier Korean taqueria Takorea in Midtown in 2011, and while that restaurant has a more inviting ambiance—Hankook is very much a no-frills kind of joint—the menu is quite similar to its predecessor.