If it's electronic, chances are you can find it at the National Electronics Museum, a tiny eight-gallery museum near BWI Airport. It would be difficult to find this unassuming museum (set in an office park) if it weren't for the radar display near the front door. The museum exhibits objects small and quite large: an Enigma machine, those radar arrays, a ham radio station, and even a camera like the one the astronauts left on the moon back in the 1970s. Galleries take a look at the fundamentals of electronics, from radios to the Blackberry, communications, outer space and satellites, World War II and the Cold War, as well as new and declassified developments. The museum has quite a following among local engineers, many of them the men and women who created some of these electronic wonders, as well as airline crews and travelers who have a few hours to kill before their next flight. There is a small gift shop worth seeing as well.