This is no Madame Tussaud's! Blacks in Wax is a labor of love designed to present messages of hope, non-violence, and courage to those who visit. So don't expect to see a slick presentation; the displays and signage are simple but there is real pride in the accomplishments of great men and women commemorated here. Among the 100 or so figures included are recognizable ones like Barack Obama, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and Thurgood Marshall, as well as less-known figures such as the Rev. Harold Carter and publisher Earl Graves. Visitors also see representations of the leaders of the Harlem Renaissance, figures from Baltimore history, science and medicine, and leaders in business and literature. The museum does not neglect the  darker side of African American history; it also features vivid depictions of the horrors of slavery, bigotry, and segregation. The walk through the slave ship,   with its terrifying soundtrack, is not easily forgotten. The museum also has a small gift shop.