The airy two-level dining room at Langermann's has an industrial feel owing to its location in an old can company, but the food definitely has a Southern drawl: fried catfish, Georgia grits, green tomatoes, and barbeque. Lunchtime is usually a quiet time here and a good time to try their green tomato po'boy, maybe the shrimp and grits, or mac and cheese. At dinnertime, the menu focuses on chicken, steak, and seafood dishes, mostly with some Southern spice. Don't turn down the bread basket, filled with excellent biscuits and corn bread. On Saturdays, a jazz brunch serves up hash, skillet scramblers, eggs Benedict, and pancakes. Sunday's brunch is a quieter affair with brunch buffet. The same restaurateur operates Langermann's on Light in Federal Hill (410/528-1200).