Bambito is 18km (11 miles) N of Volcán; Cerro Punta is 7km (4 1/2 miles) from Bambito; Guadalupe is 2.5km (1 1/2 miles) from Cerro Punta

Bambito, Cerro Punta, and Guadalupe are three of a dozen or so tiny farming communities nestled in a bucolic, alpine paradise. The area is characterized by rugged hills and peaks cloaked in thick emerald forest that is speckled with flowers and interspersed with a patchwork of colorful fields. Bambito is just a sprinkling of homes and services along the road. Cerro Punta is located in the crater of an extinct volcano, and is the epicenter of agricultural production. Cerro Punta sits at 1,800m (5,900 ft.), looking out over a fertile valley and craggy peaks beyond, and provides for a quick scenic drive past strawberry and flower farms. Guadalupe, too, has flower-filled streets and is flanked by quilt-like farms that slope up the surrounding hills. From here, the roads branch out to La Amistad International Park and Volcán Barú National Park. This is truly the loveliest alpine region in Panama.