This is Bangkok’s best and most over-the-top amusement center and all-in-one theme park. What better way to cool down on a sweltering day than to get out of Bangkok and kick back at a water park? And when the kids finally get tired of sliding down the flumes, there’s an amusement park, a botanical garden, an aviary, a zoo, a safari park, and a Jurassic Park theme park to choose from. For me, though, it’s the water park that is the highlight, despite the screaming and shouting of a thousand kids. Check the web-site first for the best deals. If you only want to visit the water park, prices are 200 baht (adults) and 100 baht (children), then you have a pay-per-ride system. For those who want to make a full day of it, you can buy combination tickets (350 to 1000 baht), which include most, if not all, attractions.