Best Nightlife in Bangkok

Bangkok's reputation for rowdy nightlife tends to precede it; however, it's not all raunchy sex shows and public debauchery. There are plenty of nighttime cultural events, such as music, theater, puppetry performances, and orchestral maneuvers. For th...  Read more >

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Star Rating Name Category
2 star rating Adhere the 13th Bars & Pubs
2 star rating Balcony Gay & Lesbian Bars
2 star rating Bamboo Bar Jazz Clubs
2 star rating Brown Sugar Jazz Clubs
2 star rating Cheap Charlie's Bars & Pubs
3 star rating Jazz Happens Jazz Clubs
2 star rating Narz Dance Clubs
2 star rating Q Bar Dance Clubs
3 star rating Saxophone Music
2 star rating Sky Bar Bars & Pubs